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The place where statups and personal projects can host their Mysql Databases without worrying about the scaling and the cost


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The place where Big/medium sized companies get the full power of Mysql Databases form our fast and cheap cloud



One of the fastest cache in the world joined with the great performance of GOGAMIC's servers optimised of it

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One of the best place to host my databases love the service provided by you guys


Thake you guys for your support its awsome i get response very quickly after I mail you

Kishore raja

The best point is the speed and optimised performance of your Databases

Jhon Doe

Your redis databases are relly fast then other providers

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Cloud Database

Cloud storage(Beta)

what our customers say?

One of the best Provider for Hosting Apps and Websites


Founder, Mai cosmetic

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Mysql Databases - $0.75/GB

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